Since his days as an offensive coordinator with the 49ers, Mike Shanahan ran a Run Heavy variation of the West Coast Offense. With the likes of Terrell Davis, Mike Anderson, Clinton Portis, and Tatum Bell, Shanahan has always been able to transform a late round running back into a league leading rusher. However, with the addition of Robert Griffin III, clear adjustments are being made with the offense.

Not only does Washington love his speed and arm strength; they see a kid with strong leadership qualities and intangibles. The same qualities he used at Baylor to win the Alamo Bowl. Shanahan is actually incorporating a lot of Baylor’s tactics and ideas into his own offense. Instead of the classical QB Sneak or Draw, Shanahan put an emphasis on other QB designed runs in today’s practice. They were using Zone Read plays, speed options, and quarterback sweeps. They have also been seen using the Pistol formation. Look to see the Redskins use a completely new style of offense specifically tailored, and designed for RG3.

RG3 with the Redskins
RG3 getting ready for another day of practice.