System: Designed using Next Gen, but mostly everything will work on Current Gen

Playbook: New Orleans Saints Offensive Playbook


1. Singleback Bunch Base

2. Strong Close

3. Weak I – H Twins

4. I Form Twins Flex

5. I Form Pro

6. Miscellaneous Formations


Key Notes:

1. We are using so many different types of runs including Pitches, End Arounds, FB Dives, Off Tackles, Blasts, etc. We are also mixing these runs with great passing plays designed to torch both man and zone. The scheme is designed to have an answer for any type of defense our opponent throws at us

2. We will be coming out in Singleback Bunch Base majority of the time as that is our base Offensive Formation.

3. When coming out in Bunch Base, we like to use the Twin TE package to add more of a threat in the passing game

4. New Orleans playbook has great money plays outside of this scheme in their playbook to go to on key passing downs


Offensive Custom Audibles:


Singleback Bunch Base:

1. Quick Pitch

2. End Around

3. Seattle

4. PA End Around


Strong Close

1. HB Force (Off Tackle)

2. HB Dive Weak

3. Inside Post (Post to Outside Left WR is very nice)

4. PA Scissors


Weak I – H Twins

1. HB Blast

2. PA Waggle

3. TE Shallow

4. HB Slip Screen (Good to use a couple times a game just to keep your opponent off guard)


I Form Twins Flex –

1. PA Cross In

2. HB Blast

3. Saints Power O

4. FB Dive Strong


I Form Pro – (Stock Audibles)