Current Standings:
(9 Points) Todd
(9 Points) Litezout
(4 Points) Geranium Stem
(4 Points) MattTheMan93
(4 Points) Playa_Slaya157
(0 Points) CanadasCousin
(0 Points) xIamToddx
(0 Points) TheFreakJ
(0 Points) Shawn
(0 Points) Fiasco

Anybody can still join in! Todd is currently on top and had a great week. Congrats to him, however the season just started. One bad week, and its anyone’s game. You guys are also lucky that I can’t win! Remember, you must play every single week. If you choose not to participate this week, you will get -6 points deducted from your score. Here are the Initial Spreads for Week 2 (Lines Subject to Chance).

You Must Select 3 Spreads

-A win equates to +3 points!
-A loss equates to -2 points!
-A tie equates to +1 point!

***REMEMBER, you must register with Disqus in order for your selections to be recorded. Register now by pressing the icon with the capital D on it. If you can’t find where to register, click here ****


    • we did, however for some reason the post didn’t get sorted in the NFL Section for week 3. We won’t take away any of your points this week for not playing. But just so you know, every Thursday is when we post the Standings and the lines for that week.