These last 2 weeks for our NFL Vegas competition were crazy! In Week 16, everyone put on for the $150.00. Going into the week, Todd was 16 points out of 1st place and literally needed to go 3-3 each week…. and that is exactly what he did! Todd went from 29 points to 38. Sasuke recorded 1 win and 2 ties; giving him 5 points for the week. xIamToddx and Geranium Stem each received a respectable 4 points. Going into week 17, xIamToddx was in the lead by 3.

nfl vegas week 17

For Week 17, it seemed like everyone wanted to throw away their chance at winning. Sasuke2000 and xIamToddx both went 0-3 and lost 6 points! Sasuke2000 is now eliminated at 40 points, while xIamToddx has 43. Geranium Stem just needed 1 point to take the lead. However, that did not happen as he went 1-2 and lost a point. His score is now 42 and he is also eliminated. This leaves us with the battle of the Todds lol. The only way Todd can win is if he goes 3-3 again. The Panthers covered for him, and so did the Rams. Heading into the 4th quarter, the Browns were also covering. With 3 minutes left in the game, BigBen connected with Plaxico Burress and the Steelers won the game by 14. Todd went 2-1 and gained 4 points for the week with a Total of 42.


Although xIamToddx had a rough week and almost blew it, the 3 point lead he had in the beginning of the week was enough to stay in first and win it all! Congrats on the win, and I hope you guys enjoyed playing NFL Vegas this year. We plan on also doing something like this next year but with a lot more people and more money, as our site has grown significantly since the beginning. We appreciate you guys being the first few posters of our website and we hope you guys will stay supporting us! Stay tuned for more Madden 13 Tips, and if you need help on the defensive side of the ball we just launched a defensive ebook as well.


xIamToddx, send me a Private Message on our Forums so we can get you paid! =) Great Job again !!!


  1. another reason for me to hate the steelers!!!!! great year guys next year will be fun…btw I think 2nd place should get a free ebook! =)