Current Standings will be posted later tonight. Sorry for the delay. Here are the Lines for Week 12 in the NFL

You Must Select 3 Spreads

-A win equates to +3 points!
-A loss equates to -2 points!
-A tie equates to +1 point!

– You must play every week. You will lose 6 points if you decide not to play one week.

– Your picks must be in by 12:00 pm eastern time every Sunday


      • Yes, I was late..but I checked this site almost every day prior to Sunday and I swear it never posted the new standings and Even tho I was late, I made sure I chose all 4:05 ET games in all fairness…I don’t know if it was my browser or what ..but I checked this site several days and several times but no new standings were posted.

        • i hear ya, but its the rules. I do agree that it is slightly embarassing that they are so behind on this when there’s only like 10 players and 3 games each. Seems like it could be tallied up, etc in minutes. I appreciate the contest, but its hard for me to pick my games without knowing where I stand.

          • This is the 1st week he didnt post the standings probly due to thanksgiving wats the difference if u dnt kno where u stand idnt see how tht affects who u pick each week

          • Todd your right about what ur saying, I’m not disagreeing. But When I said standings, I really meant the Spread Lines..The spread lines for week 12 didn’t post all week until sometime I’m guessing sat night r Sunday morning…I check for the lines all week and they wasn’t there. That’s what I meant by it affecting when I got my picks in.. I didn’t want to even go with the games I picked..but had too because the others games were already in the beginning of the 1st Qtr .

          • I agree wholeheartedly about the lines; they should be up before Saturday. With the standings, I know for a fact that I received 9 points 2 weeks back (the first week that hasnt been counted) and that pushed me close to the Top 3. Knowing where I stand will dictate whether I select certain types of games depending on what my competition selects. It all strategy. If everyone else selects GB and I’m close to them, I’m taking the other way. couldnt do that this week and it hurt me.