With only 2 weeks left in the season, xIamToddxx is in front. A big week from Sasuke2000 has now put him only 4 points away from first. Geranium Stem has cooled down a bit but can easily still win this. Krisdauz believe it or not was probably the most consistent capper of the year so far. If it wasn’t for 2 weeks that he didn’t post, he would have been in first . I expect a big week for him in this spot. As far as Todd and myself, we went on a huge slump at the end of the year and are now almost dead. All we can hope for is to go 3 for 3 back to back, and then hope everyone else gets crushed. Howard Mciii joined in late but and was at a huge disadvantage. Next year though I can see him being on top of the list.


week 16 nfl lines