Congrats to Playa Slaya for going 3-0 and receiving 9 points. But is it too little too late for him to come back? The answer in my opinion is no! There’s still half the season remaining, anything can happen. Surprisingly 8 of us gained 4 points this week and Todd was not one of them. GStem takes a 4 point lead over Fiasco for first place with myself coming in third.

Here are the Week 9 Spreads:

You Must Select 3 Spreads

-A win equates to +3 points!
-A loss equates to -2 points!
-A tie equates to +1 point!

– You must play every week. You will lose 6 points if you decide not to play one week.

– Your picks must be in by 12:00 pm eastern time every Sunday