Panthers Offensive Ebook – Madden 15 (Member Discount)

Welcome to our Madden 15 Carolina Offensive EBook! We have been working on this guide ever since the game came out! This Offense is completely battle tested and will significantly improve your Offensive Game. We don’t just teach money plays, we actually coach you into making proper reads and play calls against any defense that could possibly be thrown at you. We don’t just rely on gimmick runs like counters and strong powers. We actually use a real NFL style Offense that will make you feel unstoppable literally even against Professional Madden Players. We keep things simple and easy so anyone can be successful.. yet the Offense is very complex to stop at the same time.

We broke down over 10 Formations and 2 Scheme Sections !! One Tournament $$ Scheme section with Custom Audibles (creating a Custom Playbook), and 1 without audibles (for everyone that doesn’t use Custom Playbooks.) Our second scheme is PERFECT for Madden Ultimate Team and Ranked Game players.

Check Out why this Playbook Caught our Eye Right Away and why We Feel like this is Truly the BEST Offense in Madden 15.

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  1. Easiest to Use and BEST MUT 15 OFFENSE BAR NONE! – You don’t need to set custom audibles since the Stock Quick Audibles are already so good.
  2. The MOST Versatile 3-1-1 (3 WR, 1 TE, 1 RB) Personnel Run and Pass Scheme
  3. Great against People that Nano Blitz ALL Game! (You can not blitz our Offense!)
  4. Best Overall 2-1-2 Personnel Scheme (2 WR, 1 TE, 2 RB) in the Entire Game! You have a lot of Options w/ this Guide!
  5. Best Playbook for Mobile Quarterbacks while still being great w/ Pocket Passers as well!
  6. Great Mix of Compressed and Spread Sets. Great Mix of Shotgun, Pistol, and Under center Formations. This playbook has it ALL



Formation List:

3-1-1  SCHEME ( 3 Wide Receivers / 1 Tight End / 1 Running Back )

1. Shotgun Tight Offset TE – PA Seams Part 1

2. Shotgun Tight Offset TE – PA Seams Part 2

3. Shotgun Tight Offset TE – Drive Out

4. Shotgun Tight Offset TE – Slot Outs

5. Shotgun Tight Offset TE – Bench

6. Shotgun Tight Offset TE – HB Slip Screen

7. Shotgun Tight Offset TE – What to do when Max Protecting

8. Shotgun Tight Offset TE – Running the Ball Out of this Formation

9. Shotgun Trips TE – WR Screen

10. Shotgun Trips TE – HB Slip Screen

11. Shotgun Trips TE – TE Screen

12. Shotgun Trips TE – HB Angle

13. Shotgun Trips TE – Verticals

14. Shotgun Trips TE – Curl Flats

15. Singleback Tight Slots Formation Breakdown

16. Shotgun Normal Y Flex Tight – Slot Cross

17. Shotgun Dbls Flex Wing WK Formation Breakdown


2-1-2 SCHEME (2 Wide Receivers / 1 Tight End / 2 Runningbacks)

18. Strong Close – Y Trail

19. Strong Close – PA Scissors

20. Strong Close – Misc Plays (HB Dive, Off Tackle, Screen)

21. Strong Close – PA End Around

22. Pistol Weak Formation Scheme

23. Pistol Strong Formation Scheme

24. I Form Pro and Pistol Full Panther Formation Scheme

25. Red Zone Plays

26. Scheme Section


Check Out the Panthers Ebook Intro Video to see how dominant our guide REALLY is. Enjoy!