Our Madden NFL 17 Raiders Defensive Gameplan (BUY NOW BY CLICKING HERE) was just released and it offers some of the BEST Blitzes in the game! Not only that, this gameplan shows you how to incorporate these blitzes into several dominant defensive schemes. We go into heavy detail on how to stop the run out of each formation and we teach you the proper coverage adjustments to stop anything our opponent throws at us. Essentially ALL of our blitzes work AGAINST Runningback blocking and some are even UNSLIDE-ABLE / UN-BLOCKABLE


We breakdown the 34 Odd, 34 Under, 44 Split, Nickel 245 Double A Gap, and Nickel 245 Even.
In these breakdowns you will find:
-3 Man B-Gap
-3 Man Outside to either side
-3 Man Blitzes that come in against running back block
-4 Man Blitzes that are un-slideable and un-blockable
-4 Man single sided that comes in against runningback block
-5 Man Dual un-slideable heat
-Even a 2 Man Outside Blitz

In a year with NANO Detection you have to get creative with your blitzing schemes, and we certainly achieved that with new concepts in this GAMEPLAN.


You can watch the first FOUR videos for FREE by CLICKING here


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  1. I purchased the def e book, do they come with write ups? what stop the run or what formation works best for different formations? or is it all in the videos? i think you should have a write up of the play and breakdown as well.