Me and Fiasco just wanted to thank everyone who supported us and purchased our Chicago Defensive Ebook. The feedback we have received so far has been AMAZING! There’s nothing better than working hard at something and then seeing the results you wanted/expected. If you are struggling on defense and you have some money left over from Christmas, this will be the best 20 dollars you will  ever purchase pertaining to Madden. The way we breakdown and spoon feed all 40 plays and how we properly run our scheme, you will instantly see better results and start locking down on defense. And I’m not the only one saying this! If you are on the fence about spending the 20$ and buying the book, check out the feedback from everyone that has already bought the e book here. Official Madden Daily’s Madden 13 Chicago Defensive Ebook Thread

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  1. played litezout last night…got fucking flooded period. I haven’t thrown a pick on virgin in 17 straight games threw 3-4 on his d! Fastest heat ive faced this yr and I’ve played alot of top players in money games!

  2. does this book have any videos or not cause i just bought it but i dont see no videos anywhere and if i have to read all this i want my money back