So last night we seen someone from the MUT community saying that we stole the Flip Trips Glitch and then also they were mad that we mentioned to get it patched. Typically we ignore these things, but quite frankly we’re fed up with people trying to slander us publicly in the hopes of benefitting from it. So we are going to let you guys in on some things..


Our customers and followers know that we had intentions of doing a Cleveland Offensive Ebook this year. Unfortunately a lot of the stuff we were doing for the guide was being posted for free elsewhere and it wasn’t fair to give you guys a product we didn’t fully believe in and felt we could do better. So we went off to find the Best Offense possible for you guys because quality matters to us.


Before settling with New Orleans, a few books we were looking at were the Niners Book, Broncos Book, Redskins Book, and Philly’s book. The first 3 playbooks are really nice but we weren’t fond of their quick audibles and we didn’t think it would translate to a good MUT scheme.


Now with Philly’s Playbook, we had a few glitches in it that we were unsure if we should share or not. The Flip Trips Glitch was one of them. After a couple of days of thinking about it, we decided we didn’t want to focus and do an ebook on blatant glitches in the game. We also didn’t even want to post it in our Membership with fear that it could jeopardize online play. We winded up posting it recently after Benjamin Mutton let us know that he told a few people about the Glitch and he thought it was going to spread. We also let someone know about this glitch that works for EA on October 10th, because at the end of the day, it is something that should be patched.


For the few clowns that believe the guy that tried to slander us last night, here is some screenshots from our Madden Daily Group Chat of us talking about the Flip Trips Glitch on September 23rd.






Thank You For Trying to Slander Us Publicly on BS Assumptions. You couldn’t even DM us first and get the facts in private before trying to bash.