NFL Vegas: Madden Daily is Giving Away a FREE $150 to Our Sites Best Sports Bettor!

Madden Daily is proud to announce our first giveaway of the season! We will be handing $150 of cold hard cash to our sites best NFL bettor.

Throughout the season we will be posting weekly spreads twice a week for every NFL game. Once on Tuesday of the NFL week for an early look and opportunity for you to scout which games are most appealing to you. Then, on Thursday with the most updated NFL Lines, you will make your selection from the spreads contained in this post.

In the thread that we create on Thursday of the week is where you will post your selections!

Gameplay Rules:

–                    Only NFL games played on Sunday and Monday will be applied to this contest (No Thursday or Saturday Games!)

–                    You must select 3 games each week. No More, No Less!

–                    Every game you select will be against the spread! (For those of you who do not understand this, if you select a team who is a 7 point favorite (-7) they must win by more than 7 points)

–                    The winner of the contest will be based on MOST Total Points accrued throughout the year

–                    Point Breakdown:

  • +3 Points for a correct guess (team covers spread)
  • -2 for a wrong selection (team does not cover spread)
  • +1 for a push ( The difference between the spread and final score of the game is 0. )

–                    Your total points cannot go below 0. (Ex. Say you have 4 Total points and you guess all 3 games incorrectly, that would result in -6 points. Rather than going down to -2 you will be placed at 0.

–                    WEEKLY PICKS MUST BE IN BY 11AM SUNDAY.

–                    If you do not make a selection for the week you will LOSE 6 POINTS.  Must play every week.

–                    Contest ends on last day of regular season.

Madden Daily Rules:

–       Must be a registered user with Disqus!!!! If you do not register with Disqus you can not participate. Disqus is free and makes it a lot easier for us to track ips; just in case someone is trying to cheat by having multiple names.

–       Do not scrutinize other people for their picks. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Feel free to give a breakdown, or analyze a reasoning to your picks.

–      Have Fun.

THIS IS AN ABSOLUTELY FREE CONTEST SO WHY NOT JOIN IT! Everyone thinks they have the best lock picks… Prove it! Spreads for WEEK 1 will be posted shortly.