Congratulations to our very own stiffmeister for winning the 2k K0ach K NJ Tournament yesterday! He beat Shine in the finals to take home the win for maddendaily. He also had to go through our very own Fiasco in the semi finales! Stiff showcased his soon to be released Philadelphia offensive guide which was complete fire while running our Minnesota defensive guide which locked people up all day.


If you want to get your hands on the guides Stiff ran here are the links:

Philadelphia Offensive Ebook – Coming soon!

Minnesota Defensive Ebook

Again, congratulations to Stiff he deserved it!



  1. Congrats Stiff. To piggyback off of bestinstl, I always looked at Stiff as the guy that Litez and Fiasco saw something in and decided to coach him up on top of the skills he already had. Now it’s all paying off. Again, congrats Stiff and can’t wait for the Philly ebook.

  2. Very proud of you brother. You’re the champ right now and will be all the way going into the 10k VA Tournament. NO ONE CAN TAKE THAT FROM YOU! Someone from Madden Daily will defend the Crown!! Congrats again Stiff!!!

  3. When is philly ebook dropping? And what formation in the vikes ebook does stiff run as his base d?..I have vikes ebook already…juat need to know what formation should in really dive into as a all around solid d!

    • Base is the cov2invert. But playing calling is all you and about your adjusting skills. so you have to adjust depending on what your opponet is doing…….you should learn all material because depending on what your opponent is doing you may have to call something diff or making a personal adjustment

        • Yo. I caught a lot of it and it was nice to see how these top players play. I actually learned alot….check koachk you tube page. He post videos of diff tournament gms. I know he has some of last tourney s featuring Moe and takeaway