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Frequently Asked Questions – New For Madden 16 – Please READ!

1) I purchased membership, how come I can’t view any content?

The most common reasons on why you might not have access to Premium content are:

  • You bought Week Trial and Not Full Premium Membership (only get access to Week Trial Tips)
  • You did not Complete your Registration after the purchase. This means you do not have a Username or Password yet. Or if you an existing member that has bought from us before.. you might not remember password (fill out support ticket)
  • You cancelled on paypal after purchase. Paypal and our Membership are linked so if you cancel on Paypal then our system will automatically cancel you on our site. Let us know if this happened (fill out support ticket) and we will address the issue.



2) How do I cancel my membership / free trial?
You can cancel your membership or free trial by cancelling the subscription created in your Paypal account. Step by step instructions can be found here: Cancelling Membership / Free Trial


3) I got charged twice. Why did this happen?
This usually happens if you joined the week free trial and then upgraded to premium early. When that happens, you are actually creating a 2nd subscription in your Paypal account. When your week free trial was over, it automatically upgraded you to premium on your original subscription. Please cancel one of your subscriptions by following the steps in this link: Cancelling Membership / Free Trial. Then open a ticket and let us know, and we will refund you.