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Playbook Schemes

“Simple to use but complex to stop”. That is our motto in literally every scheme we come up with. Every Week we will be picking a playbook and breaking down a simple yet extremely effective Offensive Scheme out of it. We will eventually get to every playbook in the game! It will be a “Dumb It Down” scheme
which means there won’t be many adjustments to each play and it will be easy to use even if you are new to Madden. Essentially we are dumbing it down as much as possible so any skilled Madden player can pick it up and beat a high skilled Madden player. Every week we will test the scheme against a Top 100 Online opponent to show you how truly effective it is.

Weekly Gameplay Videos With Commentary

Every week we will be posting a gameplay video of our Dumb it Down Offensive playbook scheme. The gameplay will either be of a high stakes money game or an online Road to the Top 100 style game against a top online opponent. We want to prove that although the offense will be easy and simple to use, it will be damn near impossible for your opponent to stop. Get ready to start out coaching your opponents!

Weekly Expert Advanced Tip Videos

Every week we will be posting 2 Current Gen (Xbox 360/Ps3) and 2 Next Gen (Xbox One / Ps4) Tips. We no longer have to put a Hot Tip that we find on “ice” because we’re not sure if we should put it out for Free on Youtube or an ebook. Now as soon as we find something valuable, we are going to put it directly into our membership so everyone can get it right away. We are breaking down 2 Current Gen Tips (Xbox 360/PS3) and 2 Next Gen Tips (Xbox One/Ps4) every single week. Tips will consist of Offensive Formation Schemes, Money Plays with several variations, Defensive schemes that will consist of quick Nano Blitzes (A/B/ & C Gap), and different coverage/blitz methods to trick and confuse your opponent. Every Tip Video will be Ebook Quality and we will go into Deep Analysis so you can fully understand the true strengths and weaknesses of that specific breakdown. Expect to learn something new each and every week no matter how skilled you think you are in Madden.

Weekly Tournament Entry

Every weekend we will be hosting a free tournament for Members Only. The winner of the tourney will not only have bragging rights for the entire week, but you will also get put into our Semi Annual $$ Tournament that will be hosted later on in the year for a Big Cash prize, and ONE year FREE membership. We will also interview each winner every week and post it to our webpage for everyone to see.

Support Section

Ask the pros anything! Open a support ticket and receive a response within 48 hours.

Member’s Only Forum Access

Not only do you get our best tips every single week, but you are also getting access to all of our Madden Pros 24/7! As a loyal Premium member, you’re not just a customer in our eyes, you’re part of our Madden Daily Community. If you need any help, or have any questions regarding Madden, someone from the Madden Daily staff will help you, and so will our other members. If you find a nice play that you like to use, share it with us in the Forum so our other members can see as well! At the end of the day, we all LOVE Football & Madden. Having the opportunity to be around others that love the same game will make you that much better of a Madden player.

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