Eli Manning is now a top 5 Madden QB

Recently, EA Sports chose to reveal their top 10 quarterbacks in Madden NFL 13. It is no surprise Aaron Rodgers leads the way with a stunning 99 overall. As expected, Tom Brady and Drew Brees check in right behind Rodgers with a well deserved 98 overall for both. The first and perhaps biggest shock of the entire list is Super Bowl winning QB Eli Manning with a 97 overall. This caps off an amazing year for the Giants signal caller, who now has more Super Bowl’s and a higher Madden rating than his brother. Ben Roethlisberger rounds out the top 5 with an impressive 95 overall. With all of the intangibles Roethlisberger possess it is hard to argue this rating.

Was it me or was it weird that Peyton Manning was on a top 10 QB list and wasn’t in the top 3? After taking some time getting used to, it is easy to understand where EA was coming from by handing him a 93 overall. He is the biggest question mark on the list but, his reputation alone earned him his high rating. Despite a sub-par season for the San Diego superstar , Phillip Rivers claimed himself a solid 92 overall. Wait this sentence just got intercepted, damn it Phil.

One of the largest spikes in ratings from Madden NFL 12 to Madden NFL 13 goes to Matthew Stafford who now claims a 91 overall. With cover boy Calvin Johnson, the Detroit Lions have become one of the most exciting teams to use amongst the Madden community. The next QB is definitely a favorite among the top Madden players of this generation. Tony Romo squeezes out a 90 overall as we reach closer to the end of the list. He has the total Madden package, the ability to scramble and throw pin point passes always makes Romo a lethal weapon.

To conclude the top 10 list, this man deserves his own segment. Michael Vick, who boasts a respectable 89 overall, has had his attributes diminish quite a bit from his glory days in Atlanta but, nonetheless remains the biggest threat to any defense. He is the greatest player to ever grace the virtual gridiron.


1) Aaron Rodgers: 99
2) Tom Brady: 98
3) Drew Brees: 98
4) Eli Manning: 97
5) Ben Roethlisberger: 95
6) Peyton Manning: 93
7) Philip Rivers: 92
8) Matthew Stafford: 91
9) Tony Romo: 90
10) Michael Vick: 89