Maurice Jones-Drew is Madden NFL 13 highest rated running back. Many people are probably surprised by his number one overall ranking, but if it wasn’t for how bad the Jaguars have been recently he would be getting more national exposure.  Jones-Drew lead the NFL in rushing yards, surpassing Ravens RB Ray Rice by a comfortable margin. Jones-Drew has been the NFL’s most under-appreciated back for quite some time now, but it’s refreshing to see him get the respect he deserves from the Madden ratings guru’s.



10. Micheal Turner, Atlanta Falcons- 91 Overall

9. Jamaal Charles, Kansas City Chiefs- 91 Overall

8. Steven Jackson, St Louis Rams- 92 Overall

7. Frank Gore, San Francisco 49ers- 92 Overall

6. Matt Forte, Chicago Bears – 93 Overall

5. Ray Rice, Baltimore Ravens- 95 Overall

4. LeSean McCoy, Philadelphia Eagles- 95 Overall

3. Arian Foster, Houston Texans- 96 Overall

2. Adrian Peterson, Minnesota Vikings- 97 Overall

1. Maurice Jones-Drew, Jacksonville Jaguars- 97 Overall



  1. Where is Darren McFadden?? I kno best he is a top ten rb he played more then Charles so why isn’t he on this list

    • you definitely have a great case here. Two names i believe deserve it are McFadden and Lynch. Its just hard to argue who to take off. Charles seems the easiest because he didn’t play, but Darren was hurt a few weeks as well. McFadden will be a top 5 madden running back to use regardless of his rating IMO