***Guaranteed Payout***

Madden 13 Tournament
September 1, 2012
(804) 335-7002
Venue: Game-Haven
(540) 479-4093
10817 Tidewater Trail #125 , Fredericksburg, VA, 22408, United States 

Key things to know about the event:
• Waterfall Entry Fee
• Payout
• Bonuses
• Head to Head Matches
• Madden 13 XBOX
• Bring your own controller

Waterfall Entry Fee: This is a new concept that allows gamers to enter at four different price ranges. Gold = $55 Silver = $45 Iron = $35 Lead = $25. Gold, Silver and Iron have only 10 spots available and Lead has 20 spots before the August 15th when we close registration to select two (2) players to fill two (2) lead spots.

Payout: Each one of the four (4) waterfall tiers will also have a minimum payout attached to it as follows:
• Gold will receive a minimum amount of $512 for 1st Place.
• Silver will receive a minimum amount of $317 for 1st Place.
• Iron will receive a minimum amount of $189 for 1st Place.
• Lead will receive a minimum amount of $125 for 1st Place.
*There is a cash prize for 2nd and 3rd place.*

Bonuses: These will spice up the competition by allowing the gamer to have a more active role in the competition. Each event will have five (5) top bonuses for the gamers to achieve and many others that are considered secondary bonuses. The Top Five (5) Bonuses will be awarded cash that will be announced and given at the end of the event. The following Top Five (5) Bonuses for this Madden 13 competition will be:
• Field General – Most Points Scored
• Landowner – Most Yards
• The Connection – Most Passing Yards
• Smooth Trotting – Most Rushing Yards
• ProtecteD – Least Points Allowed

Head to Head Matches: These are also a novel concept that we want to introduce to the events. These will have similar traits to playing online over an internet connection on sites likewww.moneysleague.com. Our model will be different in a few ways. The first is the ability to pay at several different cash levels. The second is that they are in person so that means no lag! The third is that there will be several prizes and bonuses attached to them. (Will explain more after August 15th)

Madden 13 (XBOX): This is an XBOX 360 event that is single elimination to all that wishes to enter. (Further rules will be sent after August 15th)



  1. Already paid and ready to play…come on out guys, sages game haven is well equiped for a tourny like this…should be a good time