Exclusive Madden 19 Gameplay | Changes to Cover 3 Defense | Gun Bunch C Routes & Corner Routes Stopped? | Madden 19 Tips

There was a lot of work done to coverage in Madden 19. In this Madden 19 Tip we are going to take a detailed look at Cover 3 Defense. Cover 3 Defense will actually play a Mable coverage against Bunch and Trips Formations. This might mean that Gun Bunch Wk will be less effective. This is because the hook zone is matching the Corner Route when the Offense is trying to do a Flood. The deep zones also play much better and will guard the C Routes and Corner Routes if there is no deep vertical threat taking them up the field. The logic of the AI is much improved because of Real Player Motion and the New Animations. Let us know what you think and make sure you stay tuned for more Madden 19 Exclusive New Vids on the way. We will be covering whats new with Cover 2 and Cover 4 zone in the next coupe of days. You do not want to miss it!


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