Madden 19 Gameplay Improvements , Changes, and Fixes

Hello everyone, we had a great opportunity to check out Madden 19 early and get some extra feedback for you all. My main focus there as a Game Changer is Gameplay. I created a Top 10 List of Confirmed Legacy Issue Fixes for Madden 19 Gameplay to Improve the game. I would love to hear what you think.

Top 10 Legacy Fix / Madden 19 gameplay Improvements that were addressed

  1. Fixing Air Truck Bug
  2. User Defenders will Get Faked Out Less Likely Now . As long as there is less than a 20 to 25 point differential between your Pursuit and their Runningback skill move rating, users will not get faked out. You can also hold Strafe to prevent getting faked out with low pursuit players
  3. Improvements to Madden 19 Coach Adjustments
  4. Catching Improvements and New Mid Air Collision System
  5. Improvements to AI Playcalling – This is going to be great for Sim CFM players and MUT Players that will play Solo Battles
  6. Changes to 91 Zone Defense
  7. Improvements to Mid Read, Curl Flat, Vertical Hook, and Cloud Flat Zones in Madden 19
  8. New Plays on Defense – New Nickel Over G 425 Defensive Formation in Madden 19
  9. New Cover 4 Match Added to Madden 19 . Cover 4 Quarters and Cover 4 Match
  10. Protect the Sticks is Fixed!

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