New MaddenDaily 1 Day Free Trial Added to Site For Premium Membership!

Hey Guys it Litez, I wanted to let you know that we added a 1 Day FREE Trial to our Premium Membership. You will have access to our entire Premium Membership for 1 day (We actually are technically giving 2 Days of Free Access). We just dropped 1 of the hottest tips of the year (Target Playmaker) and wanted to give everyone a taste of what it is and the Absolute Best Ways to use it. We did an exclusive course breakdown where we covered the 8 Top ways to use it in any Offensive Scheme,

PS:: Starting tomorrow we will be dropping a New Offensive Scheme EVERY DAY in our Premium Membership for the entire month (Each scheme would be worth at least $5 each if we sold it separately but we’re not doing that). If you are still playing Madden 18, this is a great time to try our Premium Membership!



Premium Membership is $7.95 per Month and you can cancel at anytime with no penalty. Also you must have a PayPal in order to do the 1 Day Trial. How it works is you have 24+ Hours of Free Access and if you cancel before the 24 Hours you will not get charged anything. We technically are giving you guys 2 Days Free. That way there is room for you to have more than just a day to consume the content and not have to feel like you must stay glued to your phone or computer for hours in 1 sitting. The extra time is also essentially a grace period so you have more than a day to make the decision if you want to stay or not.  After 2 Days it will start the $7.95 Premium Membership. You can cancel your Trial by doing it on PayPal or by sending us a Support Ticket Here on our site  and we will Cancel it for you. Please send us a support ticket within those first 2 Days.

Thanks for Checking Out Our Premium Membership. We truly believe we are the Best Madden 18 Tips and Strategy Site out and Cant wait to Prove it to you! ENJOY



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