If Michael Vick and Drew Brees were on the same team, who would be the starting QB? Oh, that’s simple, I’d pick Vick, no Brees, no Vick . . . Breesy-Vick! Herein is the dilemma I intend to solve with a simple Madden principle, ‘Madden is all about speed and weapons’. For years players like Drew Brees have been the gold standard in the NFL, as pocket passers are thought to be more cerebral and reliable for the long-term. This idea may hold true on the football field because mobile QB’s take more hits; hence affected their durability. Unfortunately, we’re playing a game that doesn’t factor in the wear and tear of a 16 game season. Every time you play a new “sim” opponent your QB is fresh like new money, ready to make all the throws.

Many might ask, ‘Are you saying Vick is better QB than Drew Brees?’ Not exactly. I’m saying that ‘Madden is all about speed and weapons’ and if Vick is employed properly, he’s virtually unstoppable. Don’t get it twisted, Brees is a surgeon; however, if you’re not a surgeon Brees’ abilities are neutralized. Let’s take look at some advantages and disadvantages of Brees and Vick:

Vick’s Advantages:

  • His speed (90) makes him threat to run on every play.
    • must be accounted for on every snap, which turns 11 on 10 into 11 on 11 football.
  • has enough deep accuracy (84) to make throws down the field.
  • has a canon for an arm (97).
  • cat-like reflexes or agility allows him to buy time, avoiding the rush and breaking down the coverage.
  • effective in the play-action and boot-leg passing game.
  • quick release

Vick’s Weaknesses:

  • short to intermediate throws may sail from time to time.
  • pressure makes the simple throws become a tremendous obstacle.
  • has average awareness (76).
  • always one hit away from being sidelined.
  • tight coverage may affect his accuracy.
  • struggles versus zone coverage.

Brees’ Strengths:

  • deadly accurate in the short to intermediate passing game.
  • unaffected by pressure.
  • has above average throwing power (89).
  • extremely high awareness (98).
  • quick release
  • enough deep throw accuracy (84) to make throws down field.


Brees weaknesses:

  • Moves like pond water (65).
    • defenses can play 11 on 10, leaving the QB unaccounted for.
    • a stationery target.
    • a liability in play-pass if the blitz is coming.

At first glance, Brees looks like the better QB and if we were talking live play he is, hands down. Unfortunately, it’s a game, which means speed kills. In Madden, Vick changes the way defenses think. A lot of players want to be creative by designing all types of blitzes and coverages to stop Vick. They use multiple spies, which put the offense at an advantage; multiple spies’ takes one less player out of coverage, resulting in an eleven on ten match-up in favor of the offense. The bottom-line is, it’s a gamble and gambling involves high-risk, which may result in big plays on the offense.  If you miss a tackle or blow a coverage, it may result in Vick throwing for 300 yards and rushing for 100. Vick can be defensive coordinator’s worst nightmare.


What do you think? Who’s the better Madden QB, Drew Brees or Michael Vick? Try to explain your thoughts. Post your comments below. . .