This week we are putting a heavy focus on stopping the run. We break down 2 ways on how to Lock up the Inside Zone while playing on a linebacker! That is big because typically you need to be on a safety and put heavy attention on stopping inside zones. One of these defenses is great in the red zone, and the other is an amazing every down Madden 16 Defense. We also show you how to lock up Goal line QB Sneaks and FB Dives from 43 Under. This was important to address since not every playbook has Dime Normal (previous Qb Sneak D we posted.) Finally we show a great short yardage play that is very nice when your opponent is either run committing or trying to shoot the gaps with safety. Enjoy!

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  1. Locking Up the QB Sneak and FB Dive in 43 UnderPremium and Week Trial
  2. Best Short Yardage Run Play when you need that 1 or 2 Yards! – PREMIUM ONLY
  3. Locking Up the Inside Zone with 43 UnderPREMIUM ONLY
  4. Locking Up the Inside Zone with 335 Normal – Best Defense? PREMIUM ONLY