This week we are breaking down the Nickel Psycho formation from Green Bay’s Defensive Playbook (in a few others as well). This defense works for both Next and Current Gen. We are utilizing “shaking the defense” when running this scheme, but also included non-shake defensive setups too! We broke down multiple plays, coverages, and variations for this defense. Enjoy!


1. Nickel 155 Psycho – Intro to the Formation

2. Nickel 155 Psycho – Shaking in Coverage (2 Man Under, Cover 2, Cover 3, and Cover 4.)

3. Nickel 155 Psycho – Shaking while Blitzing (Cover 2, and Prowl Bear Blitz)

4. Nickel 155 Psycho – Non Shaking Cover 3 Variations (Coverage + Blitz) – CURRENT GEN

5. Nickel 155 Psycho – Non Shaking Cover 4 – NEXT GEN


  1. Madden Daily Crew, I can attest to the effectiveness of this scheme. I was playing online against a person using the Panthers (I was the Titans) and needless to say I was being abused with the (quick) screen pass to the running back out of the shotgun empty formation. I had tried nearly all that I knew and with the 4th quarter beginning and me losing by two scores I tried this defense and low and behold not only did I have a 4th and 2 stop on a run but with the game in the balance and Carolina at midfield I intercepted the ball on the next possession and drove into field goal position to kick the game winning FG. Sorry for the length of this message but I wanted to say thanks for all the great information that is shared. Peace DaFinister PS3/4

  2. Hey guys it’s day 2 and I still can’t access my premium account it says Im already registered at the premium level but when I go to click on premium content it says I need to become a premium member…… I sent an email to maddendaily@gmail didn’t get a response and I’ve purchased 2 memberships could you guys please help

  3. Loving the shake d to throw at people out of nowhere. Its true coverage d coverage coverage d, boom blitz people get a little too comfortable. I have to get a little more comfortable in the d as far as the run is concerned but I have been using it late in games trying to close out the game and this scheme is money!