This week we are breaking down in more detail our Big Nickel Bear Defensive Scheme. We also included a scheme on how to use this defensive formation on Current Gen as well! To go along with Big Nickel Bear, we broke down a Money Play from the Shotgun Split Close formation and a gameplay video showcasing last weeks 155 Nickel Psycho Defensive Scheme. Next week we are going to start breaking down our New Indy Offensive Ebook Offense! Enjoy


1. 155 Nickel Psycho Offensive Gameplay (NG, CG)

2. Shotgun Split Close Money Play (NG , CG)

3. Running the Ball Against Users that Hold the RT Trigger to Tell Run or Pass (NG)

4. Big Nickel Bear – New and Key Additions to Our Favorite Defensive Scheme (NG)

5. Big Nickel Bear – Running this Defensive Formation on Current Gen! (CG)