This upcoming week we will be giving you guys 9 Tip videos total instead of the normal 3-4 vids per week! Due to the Holiday weekend, we didn’t have the extra time to lab, record, edit, and voiceover the videos for this week. Instead of just rushing out fluff tips to you guys, we felt it would be beneficial to give you more than double the tips the following week. Technically we are giving 3 weeks of tips (9) for this upcoming Membership week!

This will not be a common thing as this is the first time every doing a combo week like this. But quality is always our main priority so with the extra lab time, we will be giving you nothing but great quality content this week.

PS: We may be putting in a bunch of tips that you will see us running in the NJ Tournament this upcoming Saturday! There has been a few new things that we labbed that we can’t wait to show you!


ALSO PLEASE NOTE: If anyone had there Premium Membership Ending in between the 23rd of November to December 6th, let us know by filling out a support ticket  with your paypal info and we will extend your membership. 


  1. They trying to win that jersey tournament. Check it out boys on twitch. Compete4ever channel. And don’t worry they got us.! #jetlife