This week with the Draft Champions Ranked Mode being the main focus of the Madden Community, we wanted to cater our tips on things to help compete in this 50k Tournament. One thing we really wanted to stress was how to lock down the annoying and heavily used Four Verticals Play. We also bring you guys a 43 Under 3 Man Defensive End B Gap Blitz, How to Bomb Cover 4 in Singleback Tight Slots, and a Money play from the Gun Bunch WK formation.


We also updated our Dflation Defensive Ebook with More Blitzes that work Post Patch. If you have the Dflation Defensive Ebook and you want to check this out, CLICK HERE! We will be removing the defenses that dont work and adding everything into the ebook page tomorrow. But for now click that link above to check out some new Post Patch Defenses!


  1. How to Stop Four Verticals in Madden 16 | PREMIUM ONLY
  2. Defensive End B Gap Nano from 43 Under | PREMIUM ONLY
  3. Money Play From Gun Bunch WK | Week Trial and PREMIUM
  4. How to Bomb Cover 4 using HB WHEEL in Singleback Tight Slots | PREMIUM ONLY