This week we are starting the breakdown of our Indy Offensive Ebook Scheme! We broke down the Pistol Y Trips and Shotgun Split Close Formations. Next week we are going to be break down the rest of the offense, plus a scheme section and gameplay of the offense. With this offense, you really have your opponent in the palm of your hands. It’s so simple, yet incredibly effective. If their not respecting the run, you can slam the ball down their throats. If they can contain the run, there are so many passing plays you can use in this offense that will make your opponent scratch their heads and have no clue what to call on D. Not to mention, the Colts Playbook has arguably the best quick audibles in the game! This is mainly the only playbook that you can pound your opponent with Strong Power, but you are still in a 3-1-1 personnel and at any time can audible to a large amount of money pass plays!


1. Pistol Y Trips – Run Plays

2. Pistol Y Trips – Pass Plays

3. Shotgun Split Close Part 1

4. Shotgun Split Close Part 2


Stay Tuned Next Week For the Rest of this Indy Offensive Scheme!