We are currently live at the NJ $2000 Tournament. We were finally able to get WIFI. As soon as we get home we will update the videos with text written setups. Enjoy!




1. Defending the Deep Bomb Glitch in Cover 2 Invert

2. Secret to the Cover 1 Defense

3. Defending the PA End Around Glitch

4. 43 Stack Shake Continued ( Part 2 )

5. Split Close HB Angle

6. I Form Pro Quick Pass to Right Side ( Compliment to the PA End Around )

7. 46 Normal Cover 2 Invert – Blitzing like 44

8. Pistol Weak Twins – Smash Y Corner

9. Philly Eagles Ebook Preview – Gun Wing Trips Eagle Formation Passing Plays



  1. (4-3 stack shake )This Defense is crazy used it last night and destroyed a guy! You can use Any coverage ! Fits my style and good vs the run !
    *2 man under -crash and and pinch line , qb contain feature and shake , sh*t gets crazy !

  2. Can you guys post something, or if you have already can you tell me where to find a post, on how to defend a qb roll out to the right and a lob over the spy or flat/hook zone.

  3. Hey Adam, just a suggestion when you setup your qb contain, the defense has to be a 4 d-line. They don’t work to well in a 3 d-line. 4-3 wide works great, it will stop that qb from rolling out.