This week we are feeling extra thankful for all of your support that you guys have given us since we started Madden Daily. Instead of 3 Tips this week, we are giving you 7 Total Premium Tips! We are breaking down the Best Max Coverage Nano Blitz which is a 2 Man Rush Defensive End B Gap Screaming Blitz. We are breaking down how to run the ball against opponents using our Inside Zone Defensive Concepts. We break down 1 of the Best Passing Plays in Madden 16 and definitely the Best Compliment Play to Four Verticals. You will leave this week’s tips with a very simple and nice Shotgun Y Trips Wk Scheme from the Tampa Bay Bucs Playbook. We break down the rest of our 43 Under Defensive Scheme. Finally, we break down Routes that you can use to get Auto Rocket Catch Animations. We hope you guys enjoy these tips and hope you all had a Great and Happy Thanksgiving !


  1. Best Max Coverage Nano Blitz (2 Man Nano) | PREMIUM ONLY
  2. Running The Ball Effectively On Our Inside Zone Defensive Concepts | PREMIUM ONLY
  3. Top Passing Play in Madden 16 & Amazing Compliment to Four Verticals | WEEK TRIAL AND PREMIUM
  4. Auto Rocket Catching Goal line Stock Fades Part 1 (Shotgun) | PREMIUM ONLY
  5. Auto Rocket Catching Goal line Stock Fades Part 2 (Under Center) | PREMIUM ONLY
  6. Auto Rocket Catching C Routes | PREMIUM ONLY
  7. 43 Under FLIPPED Right Sided B Gap Blitz, Dual Heat, + Max Covg | PREMIUM ONLY


  1. These blitzes are inconsistent at best. Most likely these will struggle against any players with skill. They take way way too long to set up properly. I’m really hoping you guys put out higher quality plays in the next ebook. We ALL know you guys at Madden Daily can do better than this subpar blitz.

    • We’ve noticed that the Offensive Line Blocks differently in every single mode. Blocks differently in All Pro as Opposed to All Madden. Blocks differently in Practice Mode, Blocks differently in a Play Now Offline Game as opposed to an Online Game. Blocks Differently in a MUT game then a Ranked game. Also Lineman with Great Pass Block also effect blitzes. So many Variables. We’ve found a ton of defenses but a whole lot goes into finding these defenses now then it did Pre Patch. I couldn’t go into heavy detail labbing those extremities when we needed to get this patch out asap. The 43 Under Flipped could be inconsistent at times depending on what mode you’re on. For Left B Gap its better to have someone slower then someone fast. For 34 Under, I actually feel like that is very consistent to me for what the blitzes are (2 to 4 man rushes). Then the new 34 Odd, 245, and 335 Odd are as consistent as its going to get imo. I’m having no issues with those formations. Only defense that is hit or miss right now for me is 43 Under Flipped and I think its more of a personnel issue. We already have all the defenses for the next ebook btw. We are now just working on making sure its consistent in every mode.

  2. Thank you for the clarification. You do a great job, I’m just frustrated with the way they patch the 4-3 defense and left all the offensive exploits unpatched. Thank you again brother.