This week we are breaking down more formations and plays out of the Indy Colts playbook. Shotgun Bunch Tight End is one of the most unique formations in Madden 25, and also a focal point of the Indy Offense. To make sure we break down the Bunch TE to the best of its ability, we contacted 2 of our members of this site that have been using the Indy playbook all year. Shout out to JayTheTruth and Ktizzle. They both have great madden minds and helped with the setups of this weeks breakdowns. Enjoy!

The Indy Scheme is Compatible to both Next Gen and Current Gen Madden 25’s.


1. Shotgun Bunch TE – X Spot, and Mesh

2. Shotgun Bunch TE – PA All Cross and HB Slip Screen

3. Shotgun Bunch TE – TE Corner, HB Offtackle, HB Draw 

4. Extra Variations for the Shotgun Split Close Formation

5. Shotgun Trey Open Scheme (Getting the Most out of the 3-1-1 Personnel Quick Auds)






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