This week we are wrapping up the Indy Colts Offensive Ebook. We broke down the final plays that we use from this playbook plus a gameplay video breaking down the scheme. I hope you guys enjoyed this playbook breakdown. Thanks again to our members JayTheTruth and KTizzle for helping us maximize the setups and get the best out of the SG Bunch Tight End formation.

Here is the Full Indy breakdown with all of the formations and plays that we use:

1. Pistol Y Trips Formation Breakdown –

~ Run Plays (Strong Power, HB Dive, HB Counter, and HB Draw)

~ Pass Plays (HB Slip Screen, PA Deep In, PA Read, Four Verticals, PA CTR Waggle)

2. Shotgun Split Close Formation Breakdown

~ Part 1  (DBL Ins)

~ Part 2 (PA F Slide, HB Wheel)

~ Part 3 (HB Slip Screen, FB Trail)

~ Part 4 (Extra Variations from K Tizzle)

3. Shotgun Bunch Tight End Formation Breakdown

~ Part 1 (XSpot and Mesh)

~ Part 2 (PA All Cross and HB Slip Screen)

~ Part 3 (TE Corner, HB Offtackle, HB Draw)

4. Shotgun Trey Open Formation (Quick Audible Breakdown)

5. Shotgun Empty Trey Formation Breakdown   **NEW**

6. Singleback Y Trips – Y Trail Money Play  **NEW**

7. Singleback Y Trips, SB Doubles, and SG Spread Y Slot (Quick Audible Breakdown) **NEW**

8. Red Zone Vids    **NEW**

9. Gameplay video with Scheme breakdown    **NEW**