This week we are bringing you guys a brand new 43 Stack DT A Gap Blitz Scheme that works against Shotgun and Under center! We also give a Very Easy Setup Defense out of the 34 Odd to use against the Pistol Bunch TE formation! We then show you how to beat up on your opponent when they are controlling their Defensive Tackle and Smashing the A/X button to get a block shed!


1. Countering the Button Masher! – Running the Ball when someone controls the DT and tries to blockshed with him

Week Free Trial and Premium

2. Pistol Bunch Tight End Defense – Great for New Players! Easy Setup with Great Coverage but Stops the Run Game!


3. NEW 43 DT A Gap Defensive Scheme !! PREMIUM ONLY

4. FK Screen Wheel Man Beater!PREMIUM ONLY


    • Oh wow I apologize.. uploaded this hours ago and had to leave the house immediately after. Had no idea the video failed. Thank You for letting me know. Re-uploading now!

  1. I said the same thing on the post when u click the dt a gap portion and nobody responded practice mode the automatically come down in games they don’t… In game the a gap doesn’t work like they show in practice mode