This week we are going to be breaking down the importance of utilizing CB Blitzes in a Defensive Scheme. We broke down a very unique CB Man Blitz Scheme out of 34 Over, a great Zone CB Blitz out of 43 Over Odd that compliments last week’s scheme, and we also continued Part 2 of our 34 Over Current Gen Defensive Scheme!

1. 34 Over – Part 2 (Developing Strengths to Negate the Weaknesses of the Sting Pinch Zone)  – Current Gen

2. 34 Over – NEW Next Gen Defensive Scheme utilizing Man Defense and CB Blitzing to confuse your opponent – NG

3. 43 Over Odd – Part 2 – CB Blitzing out of Zone to not only confuse your opponent, but compliment the Weak Slant 3 Scheme – NG