In this weeks tips we introduce one of our favorite POST patch defenses out of nickel normal.  We feel like this Nickel Blitz is the type of defense we can actually run all game because of how successful it is coming in against any line shift and playaction, while giving us lanes to run through to slow down the run. Couple this blitz with the 46 stuff we introduced last week and you’re on your way to slowly slowing down your opponent. We also included a brand new defensive scheme that is bound to give your opponent fits if they run the ball a lot and try to setup playaction off of it.  It is a perfect defense for SIM users because its a simple scheme that shouldn’t be classified as a NANO because of the amount of guys we send. It is just how we send it that makes it very efficient. We also show you a brand new way to block out of Shotgun sets. Stay tuned for more hotness as we continue to bring you the best Madden tips week in and week out!


  1. Nickel Normal Blitz (PREMIUM ONLY)
  2. Singleback to Shotgun BLOCKING CONCEPT (PREMIUM & FREE TIRAL)
  3. Cover 0 Scheme on how to DESTROY Play action / RUN offenses (PREMIUM ONLY)


  1. Litezout, thank you and Fiasco for always giving top notch tips man. I will always be loyal to Madden Daily? Slant Fow 2 is a nasty blitz my man. I hope that you guys can add even more steroids to this formation. Thanks for making us better fellows.

  2. Thanks, Harry. We really appreciate your kind words here and in the forums. It doesn’t go unnoticed. As always, thank you for your support. Happy Holidays to you and your family.