This week we are breaking down Part 1 of our 34 Even Defensive Scheme. 34 Even is definitely one of our Best Defense’s and 1 of the Best formations in Madden 16. We are glad to break it down for you guys this week and next week. We will be starting off with 5 Videos but stay tuned each and every day this week as we will be uploading a Tip every day adding to this scheme on our website until New Years. Enjoy these Tips Now and then check back Monday Night for an additional Tip, followed by another on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday…!


  1. 34 Even – Basic B Gap Setup Week Trial and Premium
  2. 34 Even – B Gap from both sides… Masking the BlitzPREMIUM ONLY
  3. 34 Even – Max Coverage 2 Man NanoPREMIUM ONLY
  4. 34 Even – Play Action Killer PREMIUM ONLY
  5. 34 Even – Dual Sided 6 Man SetupPREMIUM ONLY


  1. This actually makes the BAL D usable again! it has 34 even and 34 odd. u can run these 34 even blitzes plus the scrape blitzes and sam mike blitzes from 34 odd. throw in 34 bear as well, and 335 sam from the new England updated ebook and u have some fire heat from the best D you guys ever put out IMO…