Defense on Madden 25 is hard no matter what system you’re on. This is why we have been focusing heavily on Defense the last couple of weeks on both Next and Current Gen Madden 25. We enhanced our 34 Odd Defense by also now having an A Gap Blitz to go with it! We created a video with tips to help you guys if you’re struggling using a Mobile QB on Madden 25. Finally we continued the 34 Over Current Gen Defense, by supplying you with another blitzing method on CG. We broke down Cat Blitz last week on Next Gen, but it is also just as effective; yet different on Current Gen. You are able to Shake with your Blitzing CB depending on the Offensive Formation!

Shout Out to our member and friend Rich for collaborating with us on the 34 Odd A Gap Setup. Expect much more to come from Rich as the weeks go on!


Next Gen

1. Tips on Scrambling with a Mobile QB in Madden 25

2. A Gap Blitz out of 34 Odd (ANY PLAY)


Current Gen

1. 34 Over Formation Continued – Cat Blitz – Sending and Shaking a CB Blitz to confuse your opponent!