In this week, we are breaking down Our Favorite Current Gen Defense (The 34 Shake) in FULL Detail + an extra addition to make it EVEN BETTER. We are also breaking down Our Favorite Next Gen Defense out of 34 Odd that does a great job locking up both the pass and run! It is a true Base Defense that we feel we can use ALL game. We are breaking down the Best 2 Back Offensive Scheme for Current Gen out of the Buffalo Bills Playbook. Then Finally for our Dumb It Down Scheme, we are breaking down the Tennessee Titans Offensive Playbook (works for both Next Gen & Current Gen.)

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1. The “34 Shake” in FULL DETAIL – (Current Gen) XBOX 360 / PS3

2. Best Overall Base Defense in the Game? 34 Pass and Run D (Next Gen) Xbox One / PS4

3. Best 2 Minute Drill Offense – Shotgun Split Back (Current Gen) Xbox 360 / PS3

4. FULL Shotgun Split Slot Scheme – Buff Bills Playbook (Current Gen) Xbox 360 / PS3



1. TENNESSEE TITANS OFFENSIVE PLAYBOOK SCHEME – SG Ace Twins & Strong I Pro Twins(Both Next Gen & Current Gen) I know you guys wanted Defenses. Tune in Next Week as we venture back into our old Favorite, Chicago’s Defensive Book for Current Gen. Then for Next Gen, we are going to break down more killer Defense; as well as a DEADLY Offensive Scheme.