1. 34 Even OLB Strike 2 – Part 1 | PREMIUM ONLY
  2. 34 Even OLB Strike 2 – Part 2 | PREMIUM ONLY
  3. 34 Even Unslideable B Gap | PREMIUM ONLY
  4. New Concept to Bump Tight Ends and also bumping receivers while not playing a Press Coverage Defense | WEEK FREE TRIAL + PREMIUM


PS.. We have been labbing a ridiculous amount of hours to get you guys the best New Defensive Ebook Possible. We truly have a great amount of defensive schemes and blitzes to share with you. We are going to be finishing recording these videos this week and get that out for you!


  1. Litez and Fiasco and the MD Team…super excited to get my copy of new defensive ebook. I just want to make a few suggestions which I am sure the ebook will address. Hey, guys needs on defense:verticals defense, toss defense, FB Dive defense, the dreaded aggressive catch defense, inside zone defense and a power running game lockup defense for a run heavy scheme. You guys are the best site on the planet and this is coming from a MD loyalist. Just wanted to make a few suggestions. Thanks fellows?

  2. You guys have been taking forever to come out with ebooks this year, and aren’t really that impressive. I want to see ebooks as good as the eagles,steelers, and viking ebooks that you guys made last year which were the best ebooks out

  3. Actually we dropped our 3rd ebook at the same time last year and steelers guide in April. I do agree that we have to get books out quicker. We understand how madden is evolving in this new age. We will make the proper adjustments this year and moving forward. Thank you for the compliments on the ebooks!