Here is the Offense that Litezout used in the Draft Champions Tournament this Weekend to help seal his ticket to California and Compete for 50k in Cash and Prizes! We are breaking down Singleback Tight Flex and the Gun Double Flex Wing Formation. We will also be posting some miscellaneous plays/scheme on Youtube this week from Green Bay. Make sure you are subscribed to Madden Daily on Youtube if you aren’t already so you don’t miss out! We will also be posting Gameplays from the DC Tournament using this Green Bay Scheme very shortly.


PS.. Check back on our website tomorrow and the rest of the week as we are starting Week 22’s Tips Early! We are also finishing recording our Defensive Ebook in the process as well. Stay tuned for some more great Madden 16 Content.


  1. Singleback Tight Flex Part 1WEEK TRIAL AND PREMIUM
  2. Singleback Tight Flex Part 2 PREMIUM
  3. Singleback Tight Flex Part 3PREMIUM
  4. Gun Double Flex Wing BreakdownPREMIUM