With Litez and Fiasco out in California, Rich and Stiff has taken over the tips this week. We are breaking down how to get Spectacular Catches in the redzone, and another KEY way on how to beat players that stay on their Defensive tackle and smash A! We are also going to post a gameplay analysis video when we get home later this week for you guys. Enjoy and thank you all for tuning in and watching us play in the Twitch / Duracell Madden 15 Tournament!


1. The Glitchy Fade Smash RouteWeek Free Trial and Premium

2. BEST Way to Kill the Button Mashers! PREMIUM ONLY

3. How to Spectacular Catch in the Redzone (Any Play)PREMIUM ONLY

4. Money Spec Catch Play in Philly’s Offensive BookPREMIUM ONLY



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