This week we spend some time on the most talked about blitz right now in the Madden Community. The play we are talking about is 34 Even SS Scrape 3. We explain how to not only use this Defense but also how to shut it down! We go into further detail as well on how to block and stop any A or B Gap (nano style) blitz in Madden 16.


  1. Our Twist to the 34 Even SS Scrape 3 Blitz (Coverage + Heat)PREMIUM ONLY
  2. 6 Man SS Scrape 3 Setup – Unblockable / Unslideable?!? Week Trial + PREMIUM ONLY
  3. How to Block SS Scrape 3 Part 1 – Gun Trips TE PA Shot Wheel PREMIUM ONLY
  4. How to Block Any Nano Type A and B Gap Blitzes Part 2PREMIUM ONLY