In this weeks tips we wanted to focus on simple key adjustments any player can take into a game and make. We wanted to attack some of the more lethal areas of the field that players attack. Its no secret drag routes get open against almost everything, so we wanted to show you how to stop them without manually playing them. Everyone uses some type of Flood to get either Corner Routes or C Routes open on the sidelines, so we incorporate key coverage adjustments to make. The seams have caused a lot of trouble for some players, so we show you how to stop them without having to worry about getting bombed or dotted.

The reason why we are showcasing these adjustments is because you’re going to see us use them a lot in our upcoming ebook which is dropping soon!



  1. Stopping the Seams + How to Incorporate in 46 Normal  – PREMIUM ONLY
  2. Concepts to Stop Drag Routes in Madden 16 Week Trial + PREMIUM
  3. Key Concepts to Lock Down Popular Floods, Four Verticals, Drags, and Inside Zones all with 1 Defense PREMIUM ONLY
  4. Purple Zones are Tuff? New Ways on using Purple Zones –   PREMIUM ONLY