This week in our Membership Tips we are breaking down a new way that we are running 34 Odd. It is not only a great Pistol and Shotgun Defense, but it is also one of the BEST Under Center Pass Defenses in Madden right now! So if you are looking for Singleback Tight Slots Defense or a formation like that, then this is the Defense! Next, we are breaking down a situational Special Team Defense (yes special teams lol) that is very effective in the right spot. We toyed with the coverage to create a way to bait our opponent with this defense into thinking and tricking them that they can easily exploit it (have to watch the video to fully understand.)

Finally, we will be starting Week 25’s Membership Tips tomorrow with a Premium Tip from New and Great Madden Daily Staff Writer Zan! You guys probably know Zan from 4ward Progress Madden… well he just joined up with the Madden Daily Team and will be helping us continue to deliver top of the line Premium Tips and New Offensive and Defensive Ebooks. Zan is a great addition to our Madden Daily family and he already is starting with a bang for Week 25. Check back tomorrow (Monday) for the first tip of next week’s tips. Enjoy!


  1. Special Teams Field Goal Safe Man  **Blitz** WEEK TRIAL + PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP 
  2. 34 Odd Flipped NEW Blitz Scheme PREMIUM ONLY
  3. 34 Odd Flipped NEW Adjustments and Run D PREMIUM ONLY


New Tip from Zan Tomorrow!!!