This week we are taking the beast that is PA End Around and putting it to bed. We broke down a Zone Defense to lock up this play while also adding a key adjustment to the man defense we broke down 2 weeks ago. Tomorrow we are adding game play footage to show just how locked this play will be if used excessively. When you know it’s coming, it’s easy to stop. But what about when you take all of the best things that PA End Around offers, and add it into other plays and formations in different playbooks? Well that’s the goal! We explain the 3 best things about PA End Around and how to incorporate them into other books. We’re going to keep the Madden 15 year alive by coming out with new unique Offenses. Freshness but still Powerful! We’re kicking off using these concepts by adding a NEW Money Play from the Philly Offensive Playbook!!


1. Dissecting the PA End Around Running Back Route / TE Corner Route Combo – What Other Plays Can We Do This Out Of?   WEEK FREE TRIAL AND PREMIUM
2. Dissecting the “Motion Block” by the Full Back in Bunch Base – Can We Get This Block in Other Plays? PREMIUM ONLY

3. Money Play from Philly’s Offensive Playbook Using Both Concepts!  PREMIUM ONLY
4. How To Lock Down the PA End Around in Zone Coverage . Also revisiting the Defense we broke down 2 weeks ago w/ a new adjustment to not get beat deep! #DeathToPAEndAround   PREMIUM ONLY




  1. I bought the premium membership for a month and it isn’t letting me get any of the content that I’m supposed to get for buying premium

  2. When is the defense to the PA End Around being released? Last night I played a guy 2488 that abused me with that play and a 3WR set(on 1 SIDE) HB Slip screen that he threw to his slot WR(on a screen route as well) 90% of the time or the RB, Plus, he played 335 Bear covert 2 Invert and had his LOLB(Bruce Irvin) almost nano blitzing me everyplay. The upper echelon guys must know some secrets to better play. His defense seemed to be moving much faster than normal.