This Week we will be breaking down New Madden Daily Staff Writer Zan’s favorite pass play and Madden Daily Staff Writer BenjaminMutton’s favorite pass play in Madden 16. Both plays are very deadly and needed to be covered for our Membership. We are going to be immediately back for Week 26 with a New Tip Tonight (Monday). Stay tuned for more Week 26 Tips throughout the week. Enjoy!


  1. Gun Snugs Flipped – PA Shot Cross Breakdown from Zan PREMIUM ONLY
  2. Gun Tight Doubles On – Pt 1 WEEK TRIAL + PREMIUM
  3. Gun Tight Doubles On – Pt 2 PREMIUM ONLY
  4. Gun Tight Doubles On – Pt 3PREMIUM ONLY
  5. Gun Tight Doubles On – Pt 4 PREMIUM ONLY


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