Rich has proven to everybody that he is a dominant force on the defensive side of the ball. He is back with the continuation of the 34 Solid Defensive Scheme by posting an MLB A Gap, B Gap, and Coverage Defenses. Madden is a two sided game and we want to keep giving you options on the Offensive side of the ball as well. This week we are breaking down a scheme from the Lions Offensive Playbook. It is a very simple and effective scheme that will work great for all of our MUT users. We are using a Formation Package to make the scheme that more effective. There are also no custom audibles needed for this scheme!

1. 34 Solid MLB A Gap & B Gap Blitzes + Coverage (Next Gen)

2. Detroit Lions Offensive Scheme Part 1 (Current Gen and Next Gen)

3. Detroit Lions Offensive Scheme Part 2 (Current Gen and Next Gen)


Videos from previous weeks that help with this scheme:

Shotgun Y Trips Wk – PA WR IN (from KC Offensive Ebook)

HB Slip Screen – (Makeshift screen from Youtube)

Y Corner – (From Indy’s Offensive Scheme)

Four Verticals – (From Green Bay’s Offensive Scheme)