This week we are starting the breakdown of the Pittsburgh Steelers Offensive playbook. We also break down 1 more deadly way of scoring in the red zone using unbumpable Stock Fade Routes to get Spectacular Catch animations!


1. Getting Spectacular Catch Touchdowns w/ Stock Unbumpable Fades + Money Play – PREMIUM ONLY

2. The Best Passing Play in the Steelers Offensive Playbook. Using the “Motion Blocking Concept” –  PREMIUM ONLY

3. Shotgun Split Close- PA F SlidePREMIUM & FREE TRIAL

4. Shotgun Split Close- WR Corner PREMIUM ONLY 




  1. Litez, I can’t use this scheme with people that use the suction glitch. Did you leave any tips in the past on how to stop the suction glitch from singleback plays? If you did can you post the link in your reply. Thx

    • When you say the suction glitch, do you mean when they sack you right away under center? If I see them over the DT and the Center, I just won’t run a playaction play. Clown Cross with the Running Back motioned out to the right on a wheel route should kill people that do this. Just don’t run the ball or call a playaction play.

  2. Yea its when they line up over the dt and get a quick sack. But the guys I’ve faced on gamersaloon can make it work with non playaction plays too.. It comes in no matter what under center play you call . This is new tho cuz I haven’t seen it all year. But these last 2 months there are a lot of players using it.