This week we are breaking down our favorite defense to lock down not only PA Slot Wheel, but to lock down the entire Gun Trips TE Formation! This formation and play (Shot Wheel) is becoming everyone’s go to money play and we show how to absolutely lock it down! We also break down a New Run Stopping Concept to stop the most popular inside runs in Madden 16 (including Inside Zone, HB Dives, and FB Dives.) You can use this concept out of essentially any Madden 16 Defensive formation.

We continue this weeks tips by showcasing the importance of delayed blue routes and why it’s important to utilize these routes in your offense (especially post patch.) Finally we break down the Best Passing Play to utilize the most popular Offensive Concept right now which is the playmakered Curl route to the running back. Enjoy!!


  1. Best Passing Play & Best Ways in Madden 16 to use Playmakered RB Curl Route Week Trial & PREMIUM
  2. New Concept to Stop the Run in Madden 16PREMIUM ONLY
  3. How to Lock Down PA Shot Wheel and Gun Trips TE Formation PREMIUM ONLY
  4. Importance of Delayed Blue Routes in Madden 16 PREMIUM ONLY