This week we have  a very quick and easy setup to use Cover 1 Defense that may just be the best Cover 1 in the game due to the amount of adjustments you can make with it. We show how we like to stop the Face Catch and other things that would “typically” kill Cover 1 Press. We have a Defensive Gameplay of Litezout using this Defense in action as well. To finish off the tips, we have the continuation of the Gun Split Close Offensive Scheme that we are using in the Pittsburgh Steelers Playbook.



1. Best Cover 1 Defense in Madden 15?                          PREMIUM ONLY

(Fastest Setup Blitz + a ton of in game adjustments you can make to lock down your opponent. We also show our favorite way to stop the FACE CATCH throw against single man coverage.


2. Gameplay of Litezout using the Quarter 137 DB Strike (20 Minutes of footage)  PREMIUM ONLY


3. Shotgun Split Close- HB Wheel    PREMIUM ONLY


4. Shotgun Split Close- HB Slip Screen     PREMIUM ONLY 


Enjoy Guys !!


  1. That INT where you bait him into throwing the crossing route was SICK. That guy was expecting corner routes and crossing routes to roast man coverage and was probably really confused when they wouldn’t get open. Very informative video.

  2. I ran the quarter 137 and did all the adjustments and my left CB I got twice. What I’m doing wrong? I like the D because it work before but the second game I got killed

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